Parity for All

PAGED Initiative is committed to ensuring inclusiveness for all, towards achieving gender parity. By using media channels and all forms of advocacy for enlightenment and publicity, PAGED Initiative seeks to target policies, practices and stereotypes that encourage discrimination based on gender. We work around all issues of gender to eliminate discrimination of any form. After all, gender parity results in more justice, fairness, individual happiness, effectiveness, generated output, success stories and national development.

Gender Development

PAGED Initiative has an overall objective of ensuring that people are gender aware, which underlines the reason for our serious commitment in educating and enlightening people about gender parity. Therefore, we provide gender trainings and enlightenment campaigns. We ensure that those we work with are fully aware of masculine and feminine stereotypes and effects. PAGED Initiative also helps organizations to draft gender policies which will ensure that gender discriminations are avoided at the work place.