Improve Quality of Reports

The wide gap between Nigerian media and ordinary citizens needs to be bridged. The top down approach to media reports widens this gap. At PAGED, we believe that news is always the central focus and must be handled with a high level of responsibility, credibility and originality, right from the sourcing to the narration, transcription, translation, printing, airing, presentation and publicity.

Media for Advocacy

PAGED Initiative seeks to ensure that marginalized groups take a more active role in media reports rather than constantly being neglected or reported about negatively. Thus, to meet this need, PAGED Initiative seeks to provide a platform where they can be heard, as well as, use the media for advocacy purposes.

Work with the Media to be more People-Oriented

Nigerian media mostly focuses on hard news, political conversations, health tips and the elite class. They hardly ever report on ordinary citizens unless it is something negative like conflict, epidemics or strife. PAGED Initiative seeks to reorient media professionals, by guiding them to promote more hopeful and inspiring stories in the media about Nigerians. The goal is to inspire and educate. At PAGED Initiative, we believe that everyone has something to contribute. Rather than the usual stories of violence, conflict, destruction and political adversary/tussle of power, we believe that a lot can be benefited by encouraging a more multidimensional and active portrayal of marginalized groups.