Reporting for Gender Inclusive Development (RGID) began in October 2018. RGID is a media capacity building and advocacy project conceived to sensitize a variety of audiences on different gender dynamics and issues in Nigeria while building the capacity of media practitioners to tell human interest stories with a gender focus.

RGID is a capacity-building media project that has linked over thirty journalists with mentors and protégés.

The project has succeeded in linking journalists with survivors of the conflict in five states in Nigeria (Borno, Benue, Nassarawa, Abuja and Kaduna States) bridging the gap and ensuring that news about conflict is gender-sensitive and human-centred.

Several capacity-building activities directed at 30 media partners has led to mainstreaming of gender in media reports across the print, online and broadcast media in Nigeria.

RGID mobile cinema visits internally displaced person’s communities and low-income communities with screenings of high-end films and engaging dialogues on gender at the same time giving people in these communities a platform to be heard through the journalist who attend these screenings.

RGID Mobile Cinema