Five schools were visited in Maiduguri, Borno State as part of a school visit program to educate young girls and boys on puberty, hygiene and menstrual hygiene. In four visits, the capacities of five hundred young boys and young five hundred girls were developed to help them understand their bodies better. All one thousand students attend low-income secondary schools in Borno State.

The girls were also taught about reusable menstrual pads and given free menstrual kits.


Fifty women from two Internally Displaced Person’s communities in Borno state were trained on menstrual hygiene, sexual and reproductive rights and the use of reusable menstrual kits. These women who were displaced from their home communities due to conflict had their capacities developed on making reusable menstrual pads. All fifty women were each given sewing machines to help start up a business of sewing reusable menstrual kits and other tailoring endeavours. This project was done in collaboration with Health for All Initiative and funding from the embassy of Netherlands in Nigeria

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